a photoblog of God's handiwork.

Day 6: God Created Bugs

God created the earth and all that is on it much faster than I am getting this blog assembled, but I am nearly done with the basic framework.  The addition of the bug and insect gallery, Things that Creep, marks the final gallery that I need at this point.  All of the insect images were made with a telephoto lens and hand-held, which isn’t the best technique for yielding sharply focus photographs.  When spring finally arrives, I intend to get in the habit of using a tripod for this kind of shooting, and will also see if I can use a real macro lens more frequently.  I have a really nice Canon EF-S 60mm Macro lens, but I don’t like changing lenses out in the field too often because it increases the likelihood of getting dust inside the camera and on the sensor.  Carrying a second camera with the macro lens mounted, in addition to my primary camera with the long telephoto, makes most sense.

Our weather has had some extreme variations over the past several weeks, and there may be an upside to this.  Our grasshopper population has been very strong for the past several years, which we commonly blame on mild winters that are not harsh enough to kill off a large number of dormant grasshoppers.  However this year’s multiple weeks of subzero temps, broken up by a significant thaw, followed again by this plummet of the mercury, may actually put a dent in their population.  Early warming periods can cause a premature hatch of the dormant eggs, which, if followed by an extreme cold snap, will result in a higher mortality rate.  I think I will pray for this to happen a few more times over the next couple months!

The only positive aspect of grasshoppers that I see is that they make good photography subjects!


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