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The 20-Acre Wood

Now and again throughout this blog I refer to the 20-Acre Wood.  I thought I might take a little time to explain it and give you a little glimpse into what it means to our family.  For many years our family lived on relatively large ranches with a lot of cattle and a scattering of horses.  Our day-to-day activities were generally centered on some aspect of caring for the livestock.  When my career changed from being a ranch manager to a livestock nutrition consultant, we decided to find a little piece of ground out in the country that would allow our family to raise a few animals for both food and enjoyment.  We were indeed blessed by God to find a home on 20-acres of timberland in the Bull Mountains, near Roundup, MT.  Pretty much at the onset we referred to it as the 20-Acre Wood, borrowing the idea from Christopher Robin’s make-believe playground in the Winnie-the-Pooh stories.  While we don’t have any Pooh-Bears, Tiggers or Kangas, we do normally host quite a variety of critters; domestic, wild, and some in-between!  The current residents include horses, goats, rabbits, dogs and a cat, as well as a mostly-resident herd of mule deer.  A number of the wildlife and nature images posted in the galleries were captured on, or very near, the 20-Acre Wood.

While we do have neighbors in fairly close proximity, the Ponderosa pine forest acts as a pretty effective buffer that allows us to feel much more remote than we actually are.  This place has been a wonderful location for our kids to grow through their adolescent years and appreciate the natural beauty of God’s creation.  No, we don’t have paved roads, our water supply is pretty limited, and it is an hour-long trip to get an ice cream cone, but we have much to enjoy and be thankful for here on the 20-Acre Wood.

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  6. Thanks, “Mom!” I prefer being on the backside of the camera, but I will consider your request and see what I come up with!!!

    April 6, 2012 at 9:39 pm

  7. Evelyn Holbrook

    Great pictures, Ken; where is yours? This is my favorite family of all time; love my other dotter, and other granddaughters! Love you, too, other son. Evelyn

    April 6, 2012 at 6:46 pm

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