a photoblog of God's handiwork.

Could This Be Spring?

Canada Geese have been on their northward migration for several weeks, and can be spotted in fields and along rivers and streams as they rest and feed on their journey.  Sandhill Cranes are starting to take up residence in the meadows along the Musselshell River.  Robins and Mountain Bluebirds have returned, but are reluctant to spend much time up here on top of the Bull Mountains until our near daily ritual of snowfall finally comes to an end.  The calendar says Spring began a week ago, and many of the Creator’s indicators seem to agree.  I took a detour along the way home today and found the Meadow Larks and Horned Larks have returned to their posts, albeit a little slow on this snowy day.  While the snowy weather tries to argue that winter hasn’t left, the everpresent mud begs to differ!

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