a photoblog of God's handiwork.

Moose Portraiture: Adolescent Alces alces

Of the many species of wildlife I seek to photograph, moose are near the top of my list of favorites.  I can’t really explain why, perhaps because I don’t get to see them very often, maybe because they are big and impressive, or it might have something to do with a vision of character that their long heads and gangly bodies evoke.  In a way, their rather odd and awkward construction makes me think that God gave us a glimpse of His sense of humor when He designed them!  Whatever the reason, I am always excited when I have an opportunity to shoot some images of them, as I did just a few weeks ago in southwest Montana, near Wise River.  These appear to be a couple juveniles that were enjoying some of the last days of fall before the snow and cold of winter set in.  They weren’t too concerned about my presence, and offered a variety of poses for me to capture. I hope you enjoy the pictures.  (As always, hover your pointer over the slideshow to use the controls.)

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