a photoblog of God's handiwork.

Light in the Darkness

“Indeed, the darkness shall not hide from You, But the night shines as the day; The darkness and the light are both alike to You.”  Psalms 139:12

Great Falls, Montana is a community I visit frequently, but normally my schedule is too busy to spend much camera time there.  The old Milwaukee Road station is a landmark I’ve wanted to photograph for some time, and I finally had a chance awhile back.  Pulling into town long after sunset on a nearly moonless night, I hunted for a position that would yield a compelling composition.  Using the reflective surface of the Missouri River, I set up on the west bank of the river and took a series of shots at varying exposures.  Combining these images in Photomatix Pro, I got an HDR (high dynamic range) composite that reveals much more detail than I could see that night.

The wind at Moses Lake, Washington was cold and gusty the evening I photographed Renewable Energy Corporation’s silicon plant.  As I caught sight of this facility from the interstate, I was impressed by the “whiteness” of many lights.  It was difficult to keep my tripod steady through the long exposures, given the fierce winds, so the clarity of image suffers somewhat.

The coal fired power plant at Colstrip, Montana made another nice HDR subject.  The dusky sky wasn’t very impressive, and I felt that converting the image to black and white gives a more striking look.

I took this shot from a cruise ship as it was departing the Port of Long Beach.  Unlike the previous images, this one is not an HDR composite, but is a single frame capture.  For all the lights and equipment visible, there didn’t seem to be very much activity…probably a symptom of the current economic times.

Including these images in a blog that references “God’s Handiwork” might seem to be a real stretch.  In fact, I’ve been struggling with the idea of this post for the last couple months as this post resided in “draft” form.  However, I finally decided to go ahead with it by justifying as 1) things that were created by the hand of man, through God-given wisdom, talent and ability; and, 2) symbolism of the scripture in Psalms 139:12.  Much of what can be seen in these images is not visible to the naked eye, much like the God’s presence in the lives of believers.  It doesn’t matter where we are, in tragedy or celebration, in youth or old-age, in light or darkness; His spirit is always with us.  We can never be in a spot where we are hidden from His ever-present light!


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