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Bad Hair Day?

I’ve been mulling over the idea behind this post for quite awhile and, despite some reservations, decided to go forward with it.  Now before you start sending me comments and emails, I know they are really feathers – not hair!  The head feathers on birds quite often are unique breed markings that also bring some degree of character to the birds.  That character may evoke an appearance of surprise, defense, elegance, comedy or maybe eccentricity.  Whatever the character, there is certainly a wide variety of head-dress styles sported by our flying friends, and I thought I’d share a sampling of them with you.

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Just as there are commonly vast differences between birds, there are differences among us humans as well.  Yet, despite our physical differences, followers of Jesus Christ, can take heart in Ephesians 2:10; “For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God afore prepared that we should walk in them.”  While this scripture offers some degree of comfort, it also tells us that, as new creations in Christ, through His grace,  the Spirit has designed and prepared us to be fruitful in good works.  The performance of good works is not a path toward salvation, but a product of our salvation.  Believers are blessed with knowledge of His will and the assistance of His Holy Spirit.


Red Canyon Overlook

Last week I rambled through the Bighorn Basin of Wyoming, continuing down to northeast Utah.  Time and weather joined forces to combat successfully against my camera-time, so I only got a few images from the trip.  The terrain through much of that geography is really amazing, and going through the Wind River Canyon south of Thermopolis is always a treat.  After traveling south through Rock Springs and crossing into Utah, the landscape provides visual delight, with rugged rock formations adjacent to Flaming Gorge Reservoir.  Throughout this journey, there are many mountains, hills and bluffs displaying varying shades of red, from very pale pastel pinks to deep crimson reds.  In the midst of the journey, near Lander, WY, I stopped along Red Canyon to try to get a representation that would do justice to the actual scene.  I think I  captured a couple angles well, yet it isn’t quite like being there!

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The Loxo Saga: A Mom is Born

Compared to the reality we all experience, the world of animation allows a lot of artistic and creative license.  In Loxo the elephant’s world, his mother was created after him.  Starting from a few rough conceptual scratches on a sheet of paper, Nathan Bryan quickly transformed her into an animated character that protects and nurtures young Loxo.

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You can watch the story unfold by following Loxo on Facebook, and click the “Like” button at the top of the page to encourage Nathan’s efforts on this project.  Also, if you know anyone needing character animation work done for websites, business advertising, educational projects, or simply as a gift for someone special, have them get in touch with Nathan.

Evening on the Madison

The elk in southwest Montana are benefiting from the mild winter this year.  On my drive home this evening, nearly a hundred elk were grazing in the late day sunshine along the Madison River.  Only a few antlered bulls were visible in the herd; none with very large racks.  With the temperature near forty degrees, only a slight breeze, and ample feed and water, these wapiti were really enjoying life!

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Did You Ever See An Elephant Fly?

I will come right out and say it, this looks like a very out of place post for His Creation!  Maybe it is, but then, maybe it isn’t.  You can be the judge, and feel free to leave me a comment to let me know what you think.

His Creation is all about celebrating the handiwork of God, with a lot of emphasis on the many critters He put on this earth.  I believe He is responsible for creation, while non-believers ultimately believe that through a series of cataclysmic events, the advance of time, and random chance, life simply sprung forth on it’s own.  If Chaos + Time + Chance = Life, isn’t it amazing that many of the world’s most brilliant and studied people have spent their entire lives trying to create even the most simple life form, and failed?  Doesn’t it make you wonder how all the amazing life forms could happen by “chance,” when investing billions of dollars, incredible intellectual capital and who knows how many years, can’t even get the process started?

While science continues to work on how to create something as simple as a single-celled amoeba, we can celebrate man-made creations of a different kind.  Throughout the nineteenth century, different types of cartoons and animations were invented as a means of entertainment, with the advent of things like flip-books, phenakistoscopic discs and praxinoscopes .  Over the past two hundred years, the art of animation has gone through an incredible evolution, and many of today’s animations almost seem real.  I will be the first to admit that my knowledge of this art is very scant, however my nephew, Nathan Bryan, has been blessed with creativity and education in the field.  Recently he has been bringing to “life” an elephant named Loxo.  Nathan has posted a series of videos that takes us through the creation of Loxo, and I have found the process educational and downright impressive.  I have yet to see Loxo fly, but I’m sure his creator could make it happen – but if left to time and chance, it would ever occur!

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If you like Loxo, let him know by visiting his Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/MrLoxo or check out his website by clicking on his name.