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Some things just don’t fit!

Over the past year, I have made a number of panorama images by stitching together several frames.  If they are included in a regular post, they don’t show very well because the width is restricted by the sidebar.  In order to display them in a better format, I’ve created a new Panorama Gallery, under the Before the Mountains gallery.  While they still don’t show as wide as I’d like them to, I think this is the best I can do for now.  If you click on the images, you will view them in a larger format. Presently there are six panoramic images, including the Grand Tetons in Wyoming, Zion National Park in Utah, Red Mountain near Dubois, Wyoming, and three from last summer’s trip to Ireland; The Burren, rural countryside from County Cork, and suburban view along the western reach of the Ring of Kerry.

More photographs should be added to the gallery in the near future, and I hope you enjoy the residents.


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