a photoblog of God's handiwork.

Looking for the Sunrise

My schedule yesterday was pretty full, beginning with an early morning conference call which I decided to take in the field near my first customer call that would follow. With a cup of coffee in hand, I enjoyed a front row seat to a skirmish in the sky. Heavy clouds seemed intent on restraining the rising sun, working hard to keep it held below the horizon of the Little Belt Mountains. The ensuing battle fired an array of colors across the morning sky, until the sun rose victorious and burned away the defeated clouds. (You will find the image to be much nicer if you click on it to open a larger view!)

Pre-Sunrise over the Little Belts

Pre-Sunrise over the Little Belts

The sky is but a canvas for the hand of the Master Creator.  The words of poet William Donne encourage us to consider that “golden morning glow” and focus our gaze upon the hilltops as the sunrise bids us welcome to our eternal home beyond the skies:

I’m Looking for the Sunrise

I’m not looking for the sunset
as the swift years come and go;

I am looking for the sunrise and
the golden morning glow.

I’m not going down, but upward
and the path is never dim,

for the day proves ever brighter
as I journey on with Him.

So my eyes are on the hilltops,
waiting for the sun to rise,

Waiting for my invitation
to my home beyond the skies.


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