a photoblog of God's handiwork.

Signs of Life

High elevation, desert-like sand dunes; not a place where one generally expects a lot of native inhabitants. Yet, if you look closely and remain attentive, you may notice an abundance of life signs. Such was the case when I visited Coral Pink Sand Dunes near Kanab, Utah last week. The dunes at 6000 ft above sea level are created by wind erosion of the nearby red sandstone cliffs, driven by the funneled wind squeezing through a gap between mountains. The color of the sand is a pinkish-red, due to iron oxide in the sandstone. However I’ve noticed that the perceived color of the dunes can change depending upon the angle and intensity of the sunlight striking the sand. In harsh, direct light, the sand seems to be a rich gold color. Light filtered through clouds, and the low evening sun tend to bring out the unique pink color.


My stay at the park was too short to find out what critters left behind the signs of their presence, but I think you’ll agree that each had a unique calling card.




No idea, but almost looks like a bicycle track at first glance!


Has a tail…maybe a lizard?


Hops on all four feet, but no tail (or a very short tail)


A veritable critter highway – the curvy worm-like trail caught my eye.


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