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Golden Beginnings – Part 3; A sad day in the nest?

It has been three weeks since I last visited the nest. The eaglets would be roughly 6 weeks old now, but there may be something amiss. If you have been following this saga since the first post, you know that for the past five years these eagles have nested here, they hatched two eaglets each year, but only one survived. After visiting the nest this evening, I think it is highly likely that we are down to one eaglet already. You are probably wondering why I don’t know, after all, I can see right into the nest. Well, it was a warm day and the eaglet appeared to be very wary of my presence and only moved in barely perceptible motions. And he never moved enough to see if his nest mate was tucked in against his far side. I am pretty sure there is only one remaining, but could be wrong. In order to give you an idea of what I was seeing, and to make your own judgement call, I’ve included a shot of the whole bird with what looks like it could be another on the far side, and also a short video clip that might give you a better perspective. I will return to the nest in a couple days, but in the meanwhile feel free to leave a comment indicating whether you think there are two remaining.

Here is a close up of the eaglet. Feathers have begun to replace down, and he is able to hold his head up for longer periods with better control than in the past. Golden brown feathers are populating portions of wings, back and nape of the neck. His facial features are becoming more fierce and less comical.

Six-week old Eaglet

Six-week old Eaglet

Squirrel appears to be a dietary staple lately, but the hindquarters must not be very tasty!

Squirrel remains in the nest

Squirrel remains in the nest

Here is a picture for you to evaluate the number of eaglets…is there only one?

How many do you see?  Is there another tucked in on the far side???

How many do you see? Is there another tucked in on the far side???

And finally, a video clip for your viewing pleasure. Not sure it helps decipher the number of eaglets, you be the judge of that!


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