a photoblog of God's handiwork.

Golden Beginnings – Part 5

I again checked on the nest last Sunday, and found the ~8 week old eaglet had replaced a lot of down with feathers over the preceding two weeks. Wisely he remained very still while I was there, so there wasn’t any opportunity to capture anything extraordinary. Still, the rapidity of the changes this bird is going through is pretty amazing in itself.


His head still has a fair bit of down to replace, but I’m sure that won’t take too long.


Golden Eagles commonly fledge in the 45-81 day of age range, meaning that this bird could take wing at any time now. After fledging, he will still rely on his parents for help with food and protection for up to another 80 days before he becomes fully independent. I have an upcoming trip that won’t allow me to return to the nest until week 10, so this may well be the final update…


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