a photoblog of God's handiwork.

The brightness of His glory

Normally I look for cloudy skies and spectacular colors to make a good sunset photo. This evening when I looked westward, the sun was perfectly positioned through the Ponderosa Pines. And as I squinted into the light, rays extended halfway back to me. The light bands of clouds that are angling upwards made me question whether or not I needed to level the image. A second look outside confirmed that the image is correct as-is.


Jesus Christ, by His constant designation as the Son, must not be considered as belonging within time and space. Take as an illustration the sun and its rays. Does the radiance of the sun proceed from the substance of the sun itself or from some other source? We all know that it proceeds from the substance itself. Yet, though the radiance proceeds from the sun itself, we cannot say that it is later in point of time than the existence of that body, since the sun has never appeared without its rays. It is for this reason, says the fourth century Archbishop of Constantinople, John Chrysostom, that Paul calls Christ “brightness” in Hebrew 1:3,  setting forth thereby His being and His eternity from God. The fact that Jesus Christ, the Word, is presented as a separate personality from God the Father does not mean that He is less eternal, less infinite, and therefore less God and less responsible for the creation of the world, than God the Father. – from Illustrations of Bible Truths


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